Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Expanding fonts choices in Google Docs

Online typography is evolving at a rapid pace as more content providers get into the mix. Live type- text that can be copied and pasted, and more importantly, searched by web bots- is crucial to search engine optimization of a website. But designers such as myself are not satisfied with the (very) limited choices available- those fonts that are installed on every machine and device, such as Verdana, Arial and Times.

Enter Adobe, where, if you are a Creative Cloud member, you can use Typekit to choose web fonts you may not have locally (on your device) and Google Fonts which offers a great selection of fonts for free. Adding a line of code (supplied) to the head section of your web page calls up fonts from an online storage database to display text in that font. They don't have every font, but they have quite a selection to expand previously available choices.

I've written about this in the past, and that isn't what prompted today's post. In a busy schedule, I don't always want to open InDesign to type up an invoice, save it out as a pdf, and email it; that's why I made a blank invoice template in Google Docs. Here again, I thought my font choices were limited to the default few, but today I discovered you can use any of the google web fonts in your google docs! At the very bottom of the dropdown fonts menu, you'll see a small "F+ More fonts…" where you can add a selection of other fonts to the font menu in Google docs. Using a cloud based platform no longer means you have to be bland or boring!

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