Wednesday, August 1, 2012

iPhone/iPad tips and tricks

iPhone ©Apple Inc.
Did you know you can take a screen shot of your iPhone or iPad screen? This little tip comes in handy; I used it to take a photo of the bottom of the "About" screen with the Serial Number on it. You must hold down the home button and the on/off button together- do it quickly in sync and release, and you'll hear the familiar shutter sound. The photo is automatically saved to your Camera Roll. (Did you know?: The Camera Roll stores photos permanently, the Photo Stream holds only your most recent 1000 pictures.)

The same key combination reboots your device when it's behaving badly. To use it to reboot, hold the keys down until you see the "slide to power off" at the top of the screen. Then release the keys and swipe across the message. Your device will shut down, showing a white 'pinwheel.' Powering it back up won't do anything instantly, but when it's ready, you'll see the white Apple icon and it will restart, all fresh and ready for use.

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